Wordless Wednesday

june 2011 2011-06-27 020 

Kayden, Kodi and Kyle …

our beautiful girls!

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And then there was 3

As you many of you know I have been recovering from my 3 third c-section, which was quite a bit more in depth then the prior ones so that explains why I have been MIA. Recovering the last four weeks has been a bit rough at times, but regardless we have been blessed with another precious baby girl!  Introducing our newest addition:

   Kyle Azure


I have been adjusting well with being a mom to three for the most part! Luckily I have been quite blessed with some amazing friends here in Germany to count on should I need any help!

I am back and ready to post my daily thoughts, or rants, wordless Wednesday, recipes, and of course some reviews and giveaways! Thanks for all your support! ♥