Wordless Wednesday


A beautiful afternoon at the Südfriedhof, Wiesbaden – home of Manfred von Richthofen also known as the Red Baron


Wordless Wednesday

Kloster Eberbach 2011-08-12 0301


Life with kids is never dull…


…however one could always do without having to have one admitted into the hospital. Especially a 7 week old…

It was just a casual day in that we spent in the house, everyone was doing fine.. however, Blue just wasn’t herself.  She was hardly eating, hot to the touch, becoming lethargic, and her right eye kept rolling in (which can be quite normal due to the eye muscles still developing).  Normally one would just take the child's temperature themselves to determine if it was worth calling the doctor, or worth going straight to the hospital.  Just my luck, I couldn’t locate a dang thermometer at all, and with her being so hot, I decided I would just take her into the local hospital.

On the way to the other side of town I decided to keep the windows down to help try and bring down her fever, and it did at least cool her to the touch.  Once we arrived I was instructed to take her temperature and it was at 102.8. To high WAY to high for an infant.  Immediately they went to draw blood, and well that was hard for me, because they drew it from the top of her poor head.  I realize that it is usually the easiest way with babies, but I was by no means wanting to see my baby girl get poked at all, let alone on the side of her head. I was one sad momma. Over the course of 2 hours they were able to get a urine sample and determine that her white blood count was way to high- She had an infection of some sort… and she wasn’t going to going home… for at least 10 days. YES, 10 days.

So here it is, 0045 and we were getting admitted into the hospital.  After running more tests, drawing more blood they were able to at least come up with her having a UTI, but with her levels being as high as they were she was fighting more then just a urinary tract infection.  I think I finally ended up going to bed around 0550 for about an hour until she was checked on and given two different antibiotics… and a new iv. She still wasn’t eating, and her temperature was now 103.9- baby girl was not doing well at all. She looked worse then she did when we initially arrived. 


  After 2 full days her fever was finally gone! By day 4 she was starting to at least smile, still pale as can be, but she did smile!


The doctors decided she needed to be pumped with fluids to prevent dehydration, and weight loss.  She was put on 2 antibiotics 3 times a day for the next 10 days.  Over the course of the time spent there she was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection and urinary tract infection.  She was stuck 10 times with attempts at placing an iv… she had 7 iv’s in a matter of 6 days… with the last one having to go on the top of her little head. that was awful.  but it worked!!!!


After having 2 kidney ultrasounds it was discovered that she did in fact have some minor damage in both kidneys. The doctors are hoping that with the continued treatment of antibiotics it will only be temporary.  When I say continued treatment.. it means for the next 6 weeks (9 in total) she will have prophylactic treatment to insure that she won’t have another infection.  She has an been doing quite well since being released from the hospital 3 weeks ago, and hope that the antibiotics will continue to help. 


The doctors here in Germany (like most Germans) are quite blunt, and think nothing of it- and I actually prefer people that way.. so when I am told by not 1, or 2 but rather 4 different doctors that had I not followed my instinct – baby girl could have easily not made it.  It was a hard trial to go through, but I am so grateful for the many people that prayed for my daughter, for the help of several of my friends here for watching the two older girls, and for the knowledge that the Lord was watching over our family.  I am quite blessed.

Now, with that said, Rae is back.. and looking forward to a few reviews, giveaways before we getting ready to head back to the greatest country in the world.. the good ole US of A. 

I appreciate those that have stuck with me during the last few months of having the baby and me being missing in action!  I see a lot of fun things in our future!! ♥


Wordless Wednesday


… a 3 year old trend setter…


Wordless Wednesday

Luxembourg Trier 4th of July 2011 2011-07-02 019

American Military Cemetery, Luxembourg


Wordless Wednesday


Evening sky after a nice summer storm in Germany… this was taken at 2115 with plenty of sun left in the sky!


Wordless Wednesday

Luxembourg Trier 4th of July 2011 2011-07-02 077

The Porta Nigra in Trier, Germany


American Flag… out of Jell-O

8 years ago my mother-in-law gave my husband and I quite a few Jell-O molds… and I hadn’t used any of them but the ones for Easter eggs until TODAY!

I was feeling pretty adventurous and decided that it was a perfect day to try out my American Flag Mold:


and with that.. I made this:

Luxembourg Trier 4th of July 2011 2011-07-04 036

2011-07-02 003

All American with the red, white & blue!  It tasted fantastic!!

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July!!


Wordless Wednesday

june 2011 2011-06-27 020 

Kayden, Kodi and Kyle …

our beautiful girls!

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And then there was 3

As you many of you know I have been recovering from my 3 third c-section, which was quite a bit more in depth then the prior ones so that explains why I have been MIA. Recovering the last four weeks has been a bit rough at times, but regardless we have been blessed with another precious baby girl!  Introducing our newest addition:

   Kyle Azure


I have been adjusting well with being a mom to three for the most part! Luckily I have been quite blessed with some amazing friends here in Germany to count on should I need any help!

I am back and ready to post my daily thoughts, or rants, wordless Wednesday, recipes, and of course some reviews and giveaways! Thanks for all your support! ♥


Wordless Wednesday

What happens when your child gets her own sense of style…


whatever makes her happy!


Happy Earth Day


We have a gorgeous planet, look at the beauty all around us! Ok, it does help that I live in a very “green” country! I just love Germany!! What did you do in honor of Earth Day?? Start recycling? Plant a tree? Tend your garden?? Either way, just stop and take a look around and admire mother nature and all her beauty!

oh, and Happy Birthday to me! I am officially.. no longer in my “mid” 20’s I guess.. since 27 is on the southern slope to the big 3-0!!


Raenbow Jell-O


I tried this recipe for the first time last Easter, and decided since it was such a hit, we were going to start having it around every Easter… Thanks to my dear friend Kim here is the recipe its called Raenbow Jell-O!!

Whatcha need:

6-3oz boxes in Jell-O in rainbow colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple)

18 oz. of plain yogurt


How to make this:

Place 1 cup of boiling water into a bowl and add one package Jell-O.  Stir until dissolved and divide into two containers.  It is about 2/3 cup of liquid into each container.  Whisk 1/3 cup yogurt to one container and 3 tablespoons cold water into the other.


Pour the yogurt container into a 9 X 13 and allow to set then slowly pour the "clear" Jell-O on top of the yogurt layer.  Repeat with all the boxes of Jell-O making sure to place the colors to create a rainbow.





Andddddd… this is what you get:


The only part that takes a bit of time is the setting of each layer, but it is so worth it! Now, it would be a perfect addition to any fun occasion, especially during the summer months when you want a nice refreshing cold dish! Enjoy!!


Wordless Wednesday


our baby girl, fast asleep.. doesn’t get anymore candid then that!

taken with my iphone using the hipstamatic app! My fav!! #


Wordless Wednesday

… a day late due to being in the hospital with a wonderful kidney infection… at 32 weeks pregnant!



Wordless Wednesday


“ Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate.  Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall…”- Pres. Ronald Reagan


der Berliner Mauer .. “Berlin Wall” – this is a small section of the street where the only part of the “wall” is still standing! 


Wordless Wednesday


… The view from the Acropolis of the city of Athens is amazing! I loved Greece!


Passion & Paisley’s Je T’aime Necklace Winner





Congratulations Kathie! Thank you to all of you that entered!  Kathie you have 48 hours to contact me and claim your prize before another winner will be chosen. I hope that you enjoy your necklace from Passion & Paisley!! Thank you to all of you that participated! $


Wordless Wednesday


Sunset on the River Rhine %


Carters & Oshkosh are still celebrating

the fact that carters.com is turning 1~

Here is the latest deals that Carter’s [& Oshkosh] are having is save an EXTRA 20% off of your total order of $30 or more! Now that is pretty awesome considering you can get quite a bit for $30 already!! You can use this in stores on online with the online code: HAPPYBDAY


Both companies also got in some great new arrivals just in time for the start of spring! Hope you enjoy the sale, I know I will be!


ABC’s of ME

Stolen from Little Boys are made of.. Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails for your amusement!

{a} Age: 26 1/2

{b} Bed Size: California King .. I like my space!

{c} Chore You Hate: folding laundry (I don’t just hate it I LOATHE it)

{d} Dogs: maybe one day.. when our cats die.

{e} Essential Start To Your Day: taking a shower!

{f} Favorite Color: Yellow & Purple.. and Black

{g} Gold Or Silver: silver

{h} Height: 5'5

{i} Instruments You Play(ed): violin.. however its been years. like YEARS & the guitar.. barely.

{j} Job Title: Mom, Wife, blogger, Maid

{k} Kids: Kayden & Kodi .. and Blue (who happens to be cooking right now, and has not official name)

{l} Live: Wiesbaden, Germany – Thank you Marine Corps! :)♥

{m} Mom's Name: Theresa

{n} Nicknames: Rae, Ra, Dennie, Boom, Shell, Belle,

{o} Overnight Hospital Stays: Each one of my deliveries for the girls (09/04 & 06/08) , Heart attack so a nice week long stay in the telemetry unit (09/04)

{p} Pet Peeve: When people do not use there blinkers, when people chew like a cow, when people do not flush the toilet, when someone uses the rest of the toilet paper and does not take the time to put the new roll on the dispenser but rather leaves it on the counter! >.<

{q} Quote From A Movie: “ Why do you cry about it, saddle bags” – Name that movie!

{r} Right- Or Left-Handed: Ambidextrous, I write with my right, and do almost everything else with my left

{s} Siblings: older sister – Angela, younger brother – Uncle Poo Poo

{t} Time You Wake Up: between 5am-9am

{u} Underwear: I wear them, a thank you!

{v} Vegetables You Dislike: Tomatoes (ok technically they are fruits..) Eggplant, lima beans GROSS!

{w} What Makes You Run Late: usually one of my kids!

{x} X-Rays You've Had: pinky, and my back!

{y} Yummy Food You Make: Enchiladas!

{z} Zoo - Favorite Animal: Elephants.. naturally! Smile


Wordless Wednesday


A castle along the Rhine River


Carter’s.com is turning 1 …

In celebration of Carter’s.com turning one they are having some awesome deals on a weekly basis like this one that is now going on:



Cute creepers for only $5.00- can’t beat that price just enter the online code: HAPPYLUV or print out a store coupon from the Carter’s website!!!

I love Carter’s clothing for both of my girls and I have done a great deal of shopping for our El Niño on the way from carters.com because of there impeccable service! Living overseas can be a challenge when purchasing things online, so knowing you can count on a great company to ship out there products in a timely manner is such a blessing!  I ordered some sandals for my 2 1/2 year old on Friday of last week and by Monday I was already emailed a tracking number! That is pretty dang fast! I can’t say enough about Carters! So be on the look out for the next couple of weeks as I post some great deals from Carter’s.com….


Passion and Paisley Review and Giveaway


Passion & Paisley is a lovely online boutique featuring handcrafted, vintage and estate inspired jewelry.  I discovered Passion & Paisley as a suggestion from one of my friends. I was very impressed with the diversity that Passion & Paisley offers and, as a result I had made several purchases (including the picture above of the blue glass beach earrings) and fell in love with the products!!


At Passion & Paisley you can find unique handmade rings, necklaces, earrings, and more.  I have to say that Nicole has an eye for design.  She likes to spread her materials all over her design table and visualize what goes together well. Then she creates! As the designer, Nicole states she is inspired by the beauty in nature, colors and textures, femininity, and romance.  All of the pieces that are created from Passion & Paisley are a nice balance between quality and affordability! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for that extra great look to go with their outfit.

BUY IT: If you are looking for that perfect accessory to wear, then make sure you check out Passion & Paisley. Every girl loves to have unique stylish accessories and Passion & Paisley is the one stop shop for any day or night activity!


WIN it HERE: Passion & Paisley is offering one lucky reader a piece from her JE T'AIME collection right here at Raenbows and Mud Puddles!  


One reader will receive a Je T’aime necklace a $20 value.  The Je T’aime necklace is an adorable, sterling silver plated, Eiffel tower charm hangs sweetly from 18" of simple silver chain. A tiny bow made of gunmetal sits atop the tower and adds the perfect finishing touch. Charm measures 1", and necklace closes in the back with a silver lobster clasp for ease. Feminine and romantic! 

Ways to Enter:

Mandatory Entry:  Like Passion & Paisley on Facebook leaving a comment on her wall that you have entered this giveaway!

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Please leave a separate comment for each entry and your email address so I can contact you in the event you win. You only need to put your email address one time.

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Contest is open to US residents 18 years and older (including APO/FPO) and closes at Midnight EST on Friday March 25, 2011. Winners will be chosen by random.org and announced no later then Sunday March 27th! Good Luck!

** No compensation was received for this post.  The review is my own and was not influenced in anyway by anyone. The sponsor: Passion & Paisley sent me no product to review at this time, this review is based off of purchases that I have made to this company. However, Passion & Paisley is providing this product free of charge as part of the giveaway to the winner.**


A quick update

So, it appears like I have abandoned ship, but that hasn’t been the case! I was on a surprise vacation to California!! My first trip to the states in over two years of living in Germany!

My husband was so kind to me and bought me a 2 week vacation to visit my family and friends back home!! It was a nice break, not necessarily a restful one, but a nice one none-the-less!

I was able to spend a great deal of time with my mother who was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and had actually began her first round of chemotherapy the day before I arrived to California! It was a complete surprise to my family and friends, as I had been saying for weeks that I was going to be going on a solo trip to London… and I kind of did. Well, if a 4 hour layover counts! Smile he he he.. I am a sneaky one! Only 2 people knew that I was coming home which made it even more exciting to see the faces of my family members and friends as I surprised them at their houses!

I am happy to report, that while I love California and enjoyed a break from my ninjas and esposo (my husband)… I was more then excited to get off the dang airplane and snuggle with them all!! And, note to readers when making a flight that is going to be at least 13 hours and you are 27 weeks pregnant… be prepared to have sausages for toes! UGH! I was so swollen and so uncomfortable!

But, I am back (with no swelling THANK YOU!!) and ready to role.. and to big we will start next week with a new giveaway from one of my favorite esty.com jewelry stores!!


Wordless Wednesday



February snow brings March flowers in Germany!


Wordless Wednesday


An unusual site to be seen in the distance from Corona., California