PR Friendly and Contact Info

Are you trying to get your company more publicity? If you are then consider Raenbows and Mud Puddles to host a giveaway or review a product for your company. If you like brutal honesty and accurate details of your products then this is the right place for you!

Reviews are an exciting way for a company regardless of size to gain exposure across the internet. Once a review goes out, it brings forth the great word of mouth technique that leads so many consumers to or away from a product. In hosting a review on Raenbows and Mud Puddles, I require the product in review to be sent to me free of charge, along with the full side of the product, sample or trial sizes are not accepted unless otherwise discussed.

*All products reviewed are done by myself and members in my household. I strive my best to find affordable, durable, and unique products for my readers to purchase! All reviews will be posted within a timely fashion and based on the product will determine the length of the giveaway.

*If I find the negatives of a product to out weigh the positive I will contact you prior to the review going live and give you an opportunity to decline the review.

If you are interested in Raenbows and Mud Puddles doing a review or hosting a giveaway please contact me at: