A quick update

So, it appears like I have abandoned ship, but that hasn’t been the case! I was on a surprise vacation to California!! My first trip to the states in over two years of living in Germany!

My husband was so kind to me and bought me a 2 week vacation to visit my family and friends back home!! It was a nice break, not necessarily a restful one, but a nice one none-the-less!

I was able to spend a great deal of time with my mother who was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and had actually began her first round of chemotherapy the day before I arrived to California! It was a complete surprise to my family and friends, as I had been saying for weeks that I was going to be going on a solo trip to London… and I kind of did. Well, if a 4 hour layover counts! Smile he he he.. I am a sneaky one! Only 2 people knew that I was coming home which made it even more exciting to see the faces of my family members and friends as I surprised them at their houses!

I am happy to report, that while I love California and enjoyed a break from my ninjas and esposo (my husband)… I was more then excited to get off the dang airplane and snuggle with them all!! And, note to readers when making a flight that is going to be at least 13 hours and you are 27 weeks pregnant… be prepared to have sausages for toes! UGH! I was so swollen and so uncomfortable!

But, I am back (with no swelling THANK YOU!!) and ready to role.. and to big we will start next week with a new giveaway from one of my favorite esty.com jewelry stores!!

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