Bees in her ears

So, that cute little girl in the picture on “Wordless Wednesday” well, she has been sick. Not the oh, she has the sniffles and a cough that will get better in a few days sick… but one that has been D R A G G I N G out for weeks. First off I guess one thing to know is that we live in Germany, and during the winter months thousands ( ok- that might be a slight exaggeration), make that hundreds of people get this obnoxious cough that seems to go away upon the arrival of Spring.. So what is that? Like 4 months! The doctors on base always say “ there isn’t much I can do for you, every kids is getting sick… “ REALLY? Because I would really like to know how to prevent this “German Cough” as it has been dubbed my our growing family.  Now, add the slightly annoying cough to a fever (when the kid is flippin freezing to the touch, fyi), no desire to eat food, the continually notification that she has “bees” in her ears, and oh lets not forget the INSOMNIA. Gross. Poor Koko hasn’t slept a good night in 2 weeks. So. Neither. Has. Mommy.

Knowing that the clinic on the base was going to say “ well, we have no appointments available today, or for the next 3 days… keep an eye on her and if it gets worse take her to the nearest Emergency Room.” I made the only appointment I could get which happened to be Friday.  Here is the dr’s report:

2 1/2 year old cough, fever, congestion, earache, and insomnia.. well it sounds like “ a cross between a really bad cold, and the flu.”  REALLY Dr. ?? Cuz I am pretty sure we could have made that judgment call… hence the reason we are here, what the heck can do to make her feel better.. “ I am going to prescribe some Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, saline drops, and some ear drops… switch off between the Tylenol and Motrin for fevers, give her Benadryl for the congestion, and that should also put her to sleep for the night, (thanks doc. I don’t want to drug the kid to sleep… I want her BETTER!), put the drops in her ears 3-4 times a day and use the saline as needed.. if she isn’t better in a week, make another appointment.”

WOW. poor girl.

Any suggestions on what I can do to speed up the process of my little bean?

Koko get better STAT! And we will get those bees outta your ear one way another!

yes this is more of a rant then a rave.. the life of a mom, right?! In other news, I hope that everyone is having a marvelous Saturday! $

I will announce the winner of our first giveaway courtesy of Jamberry Nails tomorrow- Stay tuned!



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