a recipe the kids would like to make

Its cold, and even when the sun decides to show through the clouds its still cold!  One of the biggest things I miss about living in California is when the sun comes out… its WARM!  The lack of sun for so long tends to usually get to me, but not so far this year, I am doing surprisingly well.. I have even been putting my flip flops on when it’s a mere 2*c (28*f) and been good to go.  The Germans happen to give me the most silly of looks but this Cali girl is bound and determined to remain as happy as can be… and it doesn’t help that my feet are starting to swell already in this pregnancy- so flip flops it is (most of the time)!!

And as long as we are trying to remain as happy as can be.. I discovered a fun recipe that would be a perfect treat on a hot summer day, or in my case any day of the year! It is made with 3 ingredients: Cantaloupe, Jell-O (any flavor) and water- so its SIMPLE! Simple is always good, and when the ingredients are pretty much sugar free (depending on the type of Jell-O used, and of course the natural sugar in the melon) I can feed this to my girls for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have for dessert!

Now, since I know lots of different types of recipes mix fruit and Jell-O this one is a little different since we just add the hot mixed Jell-O into the halves of the melon, allowing it to set in the hole like so:


then cut it and serve:



Its delicious and adds a bit of fun to an already scrumptious fruit!  The only downside to making this throughout the year is the cost of the melon in the off season! This might be a fun idea to use honey dew melon with green Jell-O for St. Patrick's Day! Just a thought!

For this we used sugar free raspberry Jell-O!

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  1. that is great and look good i will try this that is new to me cantaloupe with jello i love sugar free this is first time i have see this .thanks raechele you are wonderful good idea put cantaloupe or honey dew sound good to me .i will try that myself smile ♥