Look out the window and what do I see?


Our first snow of the year! What do you see when you look out your window? 

I have to say that having grown up in southern California, I never experienced a “true” winter.  I saw snow when we drove over an hour to see it, and having frost on our cars in the winter months doesn’t count as a white winter.  But now, living in Germany we get to experience all 4 seasons. Being the SoCal girl that I am, I really thrive in the HEAT…I NEED sunlight.  That is the one downside to living in such a snowy place for the winter. If it isn’t snowing it is either raining or its just overcast. 

My two girls love the snow, and now its finally here… its probably going to last a while! What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Are you receiving an abundance of snow like Idaho and Utah? Or is it just chilly but sunny like San Diego? Whatever the case maybe, I hope you are enjoying it!!


  1. I look out the window and see what you see :)

  2. It is rainy and cold and of course overcast here. It reminds me quite a bit of Germany right now. But no snow yet.

  3. I am also a big fan of warm, even hot, weather. But there is something to be said about a snowy, white holiday season - it really does set the mood.

  4. I look out the window and I see a nice clear view of the Superstition Mountains off in the distance.It won't be long until those Superstitions have a beautiful dusting of snow. The mornings are now cool and crisp here in Arizona. Nights bring a freeze warning,better cover those precious citrus trees. The long anticipated "winter" is now here.