Once upon a time…

So you have to start somewhere, right?? Well, I love to write, and there is no better place for me to do it but online.  The raw truth about life, about products, music, television shows … just about anything… ok well, I will leave out Religion and Politics. That’s the safest bet!

I am married to a wonderful United States Marine, currently have 2 girls, a kitten, and 2 overly fat cats.  We are currently living overseas, and what a blessing it has been. Challenging at times, but by far one of the best times of our lives. We have been through a couple of deployments and thankfully have not had to be separated during this tour overseas.

I love to write, to read, to inspire, to play outside with my daughters, to sing (when no one is listening, of course), I love to dye my hair, a bit of a punk-rocker at heart… even a little bit of a hippie if you will.  I love colors, and I love spunk! I am blunt, to the point and respect people who don’t think the same way as I do! If you want honesty, you’ll find it here, I don’t beat around the bush!

I am very devoted to my family, as I see it is my number one responsibility BUT.. with that said, I do need “Mommy time”. To chill, listen to my jams, and not hear the girls fight over who has what Barbie!

I hope you find this micro speck of the internet a place of fun, laughter, and extremely good commentary! I encourage you to speak up, be yourself and love yourself!

One Love!

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